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How to invite in the digital age…

It is very tempting to dump a bunch of money into beautiful, super intricate, wedding invitations. You imagine this will be one of the first impressions people will get about your wedding and you want to make sure you really wow them, but when you start adding up the cost of creating and sending out multiple mailings of heavy stationary it begins to get very expensive.

We decided to skip printed invitations and send out only Save the Dates. We are printing them on 2 sided postcards and sending them out in envelopes so they will be in good shape when they arrive. I know most people don’t hold on to invitations or save the dates but I figured if people wanted to put them on the fridge or somewhere they would be seen for a few months I wanted them to arrive in good shape. Plus I don’t really feel comfortable sending our personal information out on a postcard.

I designed the save the dates myself so that was free. The total cost with envelopes and stamps will be less than a dollar per piece. We should spend less than $40 total to mail them out!

We are requesting early RSVP’s from our guests so that we are able to gather a first impression of how many guests will be able to attend and collect digital contact information. From that point on all details will be sent out via email or available on the website. Hopefully this will all work out well for us and all of our guests. It definitely saves us a little money that we can put into something else for our wedding.