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Featured Blog: How to Create Your Own Personalized Wedding Planning Binder (with Disney Touches!)

Featured Blog from This Fairy Tale Life

One of the major perks about having a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding is that a wedding coordinator is included in your package, and if you chose you can let Disneyland source all of your vendors except photography and personal beauty. It can take a lot of stress out of the planning if you aren’t a couple where either person loves having to stay focused on details. There are many of us who end up being more “hands-on” in the planning process either because you love to plan, you are sourcing a lot of outside vendors, or because you do a lot of DIY projects. If you are that person you will most likely want a way to stay organized.

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We got our contract!

It’s a super exciting and monumental week in wedding planning! We got our contract from Disney this Monday which means we get to submit our deposit, start working directly with our planner, and lock in our pricing. I don’t know what I am more excited for- getting to start planning, or getting to stop worrying that the pricing will increase!

Once we are under contract we will get some documents from Disney called “planning pages”. I don’t know exactly what they are, lol, but planning is in the title so I am sure I will love them. I am guessing it is a catalog of options available to us and pricing.

I wasn’t sure exactly what we would get in our contract but it states the minimum cost of our wedding, the pricing for our catering per head, and the pricing for our venue. It also gives us the reduced rate for our guests staying at a Disneyland resort hotel, which is awesome because it will make us better able to prepare our guests for budgeting.

So great to be finally able to take some official steps forward!

Setting our date!

We FINALLY got to make the big call to Disney to set our wedding date. We are now officially within the 18 month window where we can begin the contracting process with DFTW at Disneyland and select our date and venue!
We spoke to Sue at DFTW and went over a lot of stuff but nailed down a tentative date and location for our wedding. Sue is really great and it is easy to see why she has been a cast member for over 15 years and is the Sales Manager for DFTW in Disneyland. You can tell the entire team is very enthusiastic about all of the couples they work with and really make you feel that it is their honor to help plan your wedding.
We are waiting on approval for our chosen locations and date and if given Sue will draw up our contract. We requested to work with Michiel, a wedding planner we met at the DFTW showcase and really liked. If you don’t request a specific planner (which I think most people don’t) I think they assign you one once your contract is completed.
We decided on a late afternoon/evening ceremony in the Brisa Courtyard with our reception to follow in the Wisteria room. Some of the largest factors in determining our selection were: available ceremony start times and minimum guest count for reception venues.
We wanted our reception to end at a specific time which meant we needed a flexible ceremony start time. The Rose Court Garden had specific times ceremonies could be preformed and they didn’t work with our timeline so that helped us to determine our ceremony location… I would have been happy with either but I really do love the monorail going overhead!
Our reception choice was based more on guest count. Sleeping Beauty Pavilion requires an 80 person minimum and it was high on our list but we were not willing to increase our budget to accommodate the minimum expenditure for that space. The Trillium room which was the second pick has a 60 person minimum and that is more inline with our guest count but we really prefer the look of the Wisteria room. It limits us to 48 guests but the architecture of the room and the size make it easy to decorate in a way that will look awesome and be more affordable.
Now we just need to wait to see if we are approved!