Team Sara

Maid of Honor: Chrissy

Who she is: My little sissy, we are only 13 months apart and people always thought we were twins growing up. She is a veterinarian, business owner, homeowner, adventurous, fun woman and I am so proud of her. Plus she gave me two precious people I get to call my nephew and niece and a new baby that I am privileged to watch grow up from day one.

Why I can’t get married without her: We are variations on a theme… no one but a sibling you grew up with shares your mannerisms, features, sense of humor, knows everything that made you who you grew up to be and loves you like no one else could ❤

Bridesmaid: Dani

Who she is: My dear friend and confidant. I can go months without talking to her or years without seeing her but when I finally do it is like no time has passed. She has coached me through years of bodybuilding shows and mental and emotional trials, she is the only person I would trust without question to coach me on competition dieting because she is smart, rational, and compassionate.

Why I can’t get married without her:  She has pulled me out of many meltdowns and I know I can count on her to help me keep a level head in times of stress.

Bridesmaid: Shea

Who she is: We met as coworkers and built a friendship by bonding over our mutual love of dogs, renovation home shows, lifting weights, flexing, oreos, and athletic attire. We are perfect friends because we are both introverts and are very non-demanding of each others time, but are always there if needed. We are also basically the same person.

Why I can’t get married without her: She is so supportive and understanding, and unconditionally giving. I am so lucky to have a friend like her who loves and accepts me with no pressures or conditions. Who else will help me with craft projects?!


Bridesmaid: Spencer

Who she is: One of my best friends for over 15 years… and though we have both changed over the years we have mostly changed together. She plays the drums, she is an activist and organizer for equality, and she basically runs guitar center (like the entire company). She is such a badass.

Why I can’t get married without her: She always gives me her time, she always makes the effort, and she has been in my life through my entire adulthood. I can’t tell you how many times she has bought me dinner or treated me to ice cream so that I could spend time having dinner with her even though I was broke. I feel very grateful to have such a true friend, and I love her. Plus hers is the only phone number I know by heart- if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is…


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