Team Amanda

Maid of Honor: Cheri

Who she is: I struck gold with this one. Not only is she my mother (obviously), she’s also my best friend who I have a blast with. She’s the one that’s been there for a shoulder to cry on, to teach me life lessons, and to instill good morals and ethics in me. She helped make me the person I am today.

Why I can’t get married without her: She’s my mama, so I know she’s going to make sure we have a good time, but that also things go according to plan. She’ll be the one that I know can help corral these crazy ladies I call my best friends.

Bridesmaid: Felicity

Who she is: The one true friend I met from the seven years I worked at QFC, she just finished traveling the country in her Suburu! I knew from the start she was going to be a great friend and would get along so well with the people I call my lifers. Boy did she! She’s such a kind human being and tends to be more of the voice of reason.

Why I can’t get married without her: Even though in years it hasn’t been too long, it feels like we’ve been friends forever. She’s very much one of the girls, so naturally, needs to be by my side for my big day, She’s got a good head on her shoulders, and is definitely someone who can help de-escalate a situation. I know I can count on her to help make this special day complete.

Bridesmaid: Jennifer

Who she is: Best friends since the days of her first pony tail during a basketball game. Such a genuine, selfless person whom I’m lucky to call one of my nearest and dearest. Volunteered several years at the Friendship Village in Vietnam, where she met her lovely wife, they are now currently residing in France. Did i mention this girl can cook? #Gourmet

Why I can’t get married without her: I know I can depend on her and no matter what, she’s going to give it to me straight. She’ll be so mindful of my needs, and do everything she can to help the day go smoothly. This day wouldn’t be perfect without her.

Bridesmaid: Maria

Who she is: My best friend of 13 years, we’ve been as thick as thieves since the start, we were even voted “Best Friends” Senior year. 😉 We’ve had countless memories full of shenanigans. She has a wanderlust heart, with almost (if not) half the world under her belt already. She finds beauty in all the small things in life, and has such an incredible, fun, light-hearted spirit. #Oneofakind

Why I can’t get married without her: She’s very much family, my sister from another mister. I can’t imagine life without her, so obviously I could never get married without her. She’s my ride or die, through thick and thin, we’re in it till the end. I know I can depend on her no matter what.

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