We got our contract!

It’s a super exciting and monumental week in wedding planning! We got our contract from Disney this Monday which means we get to submit our deposit, start working directly with our planner, and lock in our pricing. I don’t know what I am more excited for- getting to start planning, or getting to stop worrying that the pricing will increase!

Once we are under contract we will get some documents from Disney called “planning pages”. I don’t know exactly what they are, lol, but planning is in the title so I am sure I will love them. I am guessing it is a catalog of options available to us and pricing.

I wasn’t sure exactly what we would get in our contract but it states the minimum cost of our wedding, the pricing for our catering per head, and the pricing for our venue. It also gives us the reduced rate for our guests staying at a Disneyland resort hotel, which is awesome because it will make us better able to prepare our guests for budgeting.

So great to be finally able to take some official steps forward!