Our love story…

They met when Amanda was working at a Starbucks kiosk downstairs from the gym Sara was training at. Sara was getting ready for a bodybuilding show and desperately in need of coffee but when she first saw Amanda she got nervous that she was too braindead and carb depleted to form complete sentences so she skipped coffee that day because she didn’t want to look stupid. Eventually her need for caffeine overcame her fear of embarrassing herself and she ordered from a VERY friendly Amanda. She walked away berating herself for not having responded with like interest to Amanda’s questions about her day and plans.

Secretly all this time Amanda had been well aware of who Sara was. She knew that she was a trainer at the gym and told customers at her work about how beautiful she thought Sara was, her co-workers all knew Amanda thought Sara was “wife material”. She was even thinking about working up to asking Sara on a date, which she never did with other people, when Sara found her on Facebook first.

They exchanged some cheesy messages and ended up going on a date the very next day. Neither was really looking for something serious but they were both open if “the right person” came along. Since then the two have grown more and more in love and brought together their dogs, lives, and families.

On June 25th 2017 Sara proposed to Amanda at the onset of the Seattle Pride Parade with Amanda’s Mom, a few close friends, and all of the 4th and Bell block of the parade as witness. They can’t wait to share their lives together and experience all the adventures that await them.

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